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Specialty Print – Newspaper and Magazine Advertising Services

InMotion Media Marketing believes in specialty print.


We believe specialty print media options, similar to TimesDigest and The Pet Gazette, have a strong future in an ever-growing digital world because…

1) the distribution environment is at a time when the consumer is away from the responsibilities of their home,
2) these environments are times when the consumer has extra “hang around” time (lobby, waiting room, etc.)
3) the environment is, most of the time, in one fixed location (at a hotel, in a vets office, etc.) and
4) the individual in the environment is typically focused on one activity (vacation, an annual checkup, etc.)

For example:

TD Hotels/Cruises – away from home for an avg of 3-7 days, having fun on vacation or traveling and focused on work
Equinox Gyms – away from home for an avg of 90min, working out at members main location
Medical Locations – away from home for an avg of 90min, sitting in a waiting room with a need for distraction from the fact you are visiting the Doctor


InMotionMM is highly position to help you grow your business with targeted print media purchasing.


We also  offer digital ad (advertisement) solutions. We will always run your advertising after analyzing all the print, digital and mobile options available and using that insight to determine where your media dollars will be the most effective.  You will most likely be surprised where your customers will come from next.


We are business advertisers. If you are looking to advertise in newspapers, digital or any of the unique ways we can use to help you find your customers, call us (text prior to a call is preferred) and we will give you more information about our print and digital services.

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