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InMotion Media Marketing is pleased to offer an exclusive opportunity for Real Estate Companies to target the affluent readership of TimesDigest.

TimesDigest, an edited summary of The New York Times, is delivered daily to luxury local hotel locations across the world. These TimesDigest demographics ensure that your business can target the most desired consumers and locales for potential new clients.

The New York Times has invested in extensive research on the demographics of the readers within the distribution of the local edition hotel locations. In summary, on average, our readers fall into the most attractive demographic for targeting luxury property and goods or services. The research found that 96% of the readers are college educated, over 60% own a second home, 85% are in professional or management careers, and the average net worth is in excess of $4.2 million.

This audience is well educated, has a high disposable income, and is an ideal target for companies offering high end services and properties. Additionally, outside of this average demographic, there is a super elite element to the audience who are discerning buyers of property in excess of the $10 million price point.

Sample Of Real Estate Advertising Services:

Real Estate Listing in TimesDigestPropert Promotions in TimesDigest

The TimesDigest Real Estate Promotion

Advertising in TimesDigest is exclusive and heavily targeted to a valuable demographic. TimesDigest has limited available space, and as such, allows your business to stand out from the crowd. This offer gives your business the opportunity to both cement its brand with the audience, as well as listing individual properties.

The Real Estate Promotion is the only route to have property listings in the TimesDigest.

What is the promotion?

The Real Estate Promotion includes two (2) individual Real Estate listings in the dedicated Real Estate Listing section. You will also be bonused one half page advertising space per month within the main content area of TimesDigest.  The promotion is only available for six-month and twelve-month commitments.

There is an option to be the ONLY Real Estate business in a TimesDigest Edition specifically tied to one TimesDigest location – please discuss this exclusivity opportunity with your sales representative.

Why do we offer this package?

Feedback from our hotel distribution locations, readership and advertisers has been instrumental in putting together this highly effective solution for Real Estate companies.

The half page advertising space offers many benefits, including directing readers to your listings, promoting your brand, announcing awards or events and delivering individualized messages to the audiences, such as “Happy Thanksgiving”.

This package has improved the ROI for the advertiser, and the audience response is very positive as the reader prefers to see more information on a business than just a telephone number in the individual listing.

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