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VIP Targeted Advertising

VIP Targeted Advertising

Advertise to the most affluent audience through our VIP Targeted Advertising. InMotion Media Marketing is able to offer an exclusive opportunity for companies to target the most affluent readership of the TimesDigest publication.

TimesDigest, an edited summary of The New York Times, is delivered daily across the elite fitness locations of Equinox gyms. These locations, and a select other such as the New York Yacht Club, are our VIP Targeted Advertising locations.

Located in multiple cities, including both California and New York, Equinox gyms allow your business to target the most desired demographics and locales for your potential clients.

The New York Times invested in extensive research on the demographics of the readers within the distribution of Equinox gyms. In summary, on average, our readers fall into the most attractive demographic for targeting luxury goods or services. The research found that 96% of the readers are college educated, over 60% own a second home, 85% are in professional or management careers and the average net worth is in excess of $3.5 million. This audience represents the top percentage of high net worth individuals across their location. These individuals frequently travel to the Caribbean and Hawaii with many owning holiday homes in those locations or other foreign countries.

This audience has a high disposable income and is an ideal market for VIP Targeted Advertising by companies offering high end services and goods. In both Southern California and New York, Equinox fitness facilities are an opportunity to target a super elite audience of discerning buyers.

Specific to Southern California, Equinox is the destination of choice for individuals in the film and media industry, including actors, directors and financiers. In New York, Equinox is synonymous with Wall Street, attracting investment bankers, hedge fund managers, and super high net worth individuals.

Advertising in TimesDigest is exclusive and heavily targeted to this extremely valuable demographic. TimesDigest has limited available space, and as such, allows your business to stand out from the crowd.

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