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TimesDigest Military

TimesDigest Military

The TimesDigest Military Edition is distributed through a wide range of service locations all across the globe. Our distribution includes US Navy ships, Joint Service and individual service arm’s OUTCONUS bases, as well as USA based Air Force units, Marine units and Army bases.

Our unique relationship with the military enables the TimesDigest to be distributed across the military satellite network to ensure delivery to all installations globally.  This ensures that we bypass the traditional access points for internet so that all service personnel can receive a copy whether they are able to check Facebook or not.

InMotion Media Marketing is proud that in partnership with the New York Times that the TimesDigest Military Edition is offered free of charge to all military personal individually as well through the bases, ships, or units that have requested the right to distribute copies themselves.  It a service the New York Times – TimesDigest and InMotion Media Marketing are very proud of, as it is such a small thing to offer in thanks for the services of the hundreds and thousands of active duty personal protecting our country daily.

The numbers of our distribution was researched and verified as of January 2015. The nature of the tasks that are performed by some of the USA military units or locations we distribute through means that we are not able to disclose the specific distribution figures for that location as that may impact on operational security.  Consequently, there are some reported distribution figures which we are unable to disclose.

TimesDigest Military Edition offers a very unique opportunity to companies to target this population of service personal, whilst simultaneously supporting and thanking them for their service by making sure they don’t miss out on quality news from a home network as renowned as the New York Times.

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