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Cruise Ship Advertising

Cruise Ship Advertising

Our Cruise Ship Advertising is one of the only ways to reach cruise passengers during their at-sea vacation. Through our partnership with multiple service providers, including The New York Times – TimesDigest, we are able to offer the unique opportunity of cruise ship advertising to the most discerning companies.

If you have a business in an area where the cruise liners dock during their voyages, this is one of only a handful of opportunities for your business to target this captive audience directly while on board.

Cruise ship advertising opportunities are rare at our affordable level, InMotion Media Marketing has the ideal solution for your business.

We are able to help your business to target those passengers who are looking to spend money when they reach your geographic destination. In addition, with The New York Times – TimesDigest being a published and distributed news bulletin, your business can also target the audience beyond just their cruise stay by promoting your online store, as well as the need for the readers to buy property in your own part of the world. The various uses for cruise ship advertising are only determined by the limits of your imagination.

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