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InMotion Media Marketing is a dynamic, modern advertising company offering unique, highly effective solutions for discerning companies worldwide.

Through our exclusive partnerships with companies such as The New York Times – TimesDigest, InMotion Media Marketing can offer an opportunity for companies to promote their products and services directly to a high end demographic of elite consumers. InMotion Media Marketing is a company that targets clients while they are traveling for business or pleasure.

What Makes InMotion Media Marketing and TimesDigest so different?

InMotion Media Marketing works on a global scale. We have an unmatched network of advertising opportunities because of the worldwide distribution of our partners, such as The New York Times – TimesDigest. Our readership is the most attractive demographic and socioeconomic groups to which companies would like to market their brand and products. Our audiences are high net worth individuals with both considerable disposable income and a desire for luxury products and services. Specifically, the readers of TimesDigest are the “Diamond Tier” demographic that all companies would like to to access in such a targeted manner as we achieve here at InMotion Media Marketing.

InMotion Media Marketing accesses this top level of consumers through Hotels, Cruise Ships, Elite VIP locations, Super Yachts and Luxury Vehicles, all on a global basis. The publications we work with are elite, targeting an elite distribution with considerable success for our advertisers.

InMotion Media Marketing and TimesDigest Military Edition

InMotion Media Marketing is very proud of our partnership with The New York Times and the TimesDigest Military Edition. This is a special publication of TimesDigest which is offered to any serving member of the United States Armed Forces, and is distributed daily to hundreds of thousands of service personnel around the world. This is a unique news service to active service members with unparalleled reach into the military audience.

With the support of our advertising partners we are able to distribute the TimesDigest Military Edition free of charge to the military while also delivering a fantastic opportunity for companies to reach our Armed Service personnel. It is a small way that The New York Times can say thank you to all the brave members of the Armed Service.